Here you can access the program overview, participant notebook, event resources and helpful production tips for to create a successful Summit experience.

2022 Program overview

The GLS Next Gen can be run over the course of one full day, half days or 4 75-minute sessions.


It’s time to get ready to host your very own GLS Next Gen!

1. The GLS Next Gen Content Vaults are password-protected. Your unique password was emailed along with your purchase confirmation.
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  • Compact and Standard Packages have access to the Content Vault (Standard).
  • The Premium and Unlimited Packages have access to BOTH Content Vault (Standard) AND Content Vault (Premium) which provides an expanded choice of speaker content.

2. Facilitation / Hosting: During the GLS Next Gen there are built-in personal reflection moments, group discussion, performances and leadership activities. These will be led by your chosen facilitators and host.


Host Tips

The role of the host is to connect the dots throughout the day. They are like a steward, giving instructions and bringing people together.

  • Select a suitable person for the role of host. He or she will help participants know what is expected of them and give instructions around break times and session details.
  • Connect with the Facilitator in advance to confirm any specific announcements that need to be communicated throughout the sessions.

Additional Roles

Facilitator Tips

To help maximise your participant’s Summit experience and foster a unique learning environment:

  • Select a suitable person for the role of facilitator. He or she will help participants draw out key learnings from each session through stimulating group discussion and personal reflection times.
  • Choose someone who is an excellent communicator – warm, engaging and displays good energy from the front of the room. Brief them about their specific role so they can lead these times with confidence.
  • The best facilitators are those who guide the learning process but do not feel the need to add their own teaching to what’s been shared by the Summit speakers. This will best be done by breaking GLS Next Gen participants into smaller groups of 5 – 8 people to increase participation.
  • The facilitator should familiarise themselves with the GLS Next Gen Notebook paying particular attention to the facilitation questions listed for each of the Summit speakers. These questions will be focus points for reflection moments and group discussion.
  • The facilitator needs to give participants enough time to reflect, discuss and write their action steps before directing them to break times.
  • When communicating leadership activities, be clear with your instructions. Speak slowly and make sure the participants understand what you are asking them do.

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